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UV Enters Collaboration with Cebu City Don Carlos Gothong Memorial NHS

  •   April 8, 2024
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  •   University of the Visayas
UV Enters Collaboration with Cebu City Don Carlos Gothong Memorial NHS

The University of the Visayas (UV) has recently solidified a partnership with Cebu City Don Carlos Gothong Memorial National High School (CCDCGMNHS) through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This MOU paves the way for academic collaborations, including instruction, research, and community outreach.

Mr. Elmer Ocaba, Vice President for Administration at UV, warmly welcomed the CCDCGMNHS delegation to the UV campus during his opening remarks. Dr. Conrado E. Iñigo, Jr., UV's University President, expressed gratitude to CCDCGMNHS officials for their commitment to quality education and pledged UV's dedication to implementing the MOU's activities for the mutual benefit of both institutions' students.

Dr. Iñigo emphasized the value of collaboration in education, stating that "education is an interactive endeavor" where institutions can work together across various educational realms. Dr. Marilou T. Dela Cuesta, CCDCGMNHS Principal II, reciprocated the appreciation, expressing gratitude to UV for the partnership and committing to their role in implementing the MOU.

The MOU signing ceremony was witnessed by UV's deans and directors, alongside CCDCGMNHS head teachers. This significant event was orchestrated by Dr. Ma. Crispy B. Velasco of UV's Communication and Public Affairs Department.

Exciting times lie ahead as UV and CCDCGMNHS embark on this collaborative educational journey!