Career Placement Services and Alumni Relations Center

Career Placement Services and Alumni Relations

Welcome to the University of the Visayas' hub for career advancement and alumni engagement!

The Career Placement Services and Alumni Relations Center at the University of the Visayas is a dedicated office committed to facilitating career opportunities for our esteemed alumni and graduating students. We work tirelessly to connect students with potential employers through referrals, placements, and the provision of vital labor market information. Collaborating with industry partners and local government units, we aim to create a strong network between students, alumni, and professionals.

Career Placement Services

  • Referrals and Placement
  • Job Assistance
  • Labor Market Information (Quarterly Posting)
  • Job Hirings, Updates, and Announcements

Alumni Relations

  • Collaboration with UV Alumni Association Inc. (UVAAI) and alumni chapters in Satellite Campuses
  • Implementation of Alumni Special Projects, Programs, and Activities
  • Promotion of Voluntary Alumni Participation
  • Alumni Updates and Announcements

Alumni Updates

Discover the latest alumni activities: a thriving network of achievements.

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Contact CPARC

Feel free to drop by, email, or call us for any inquiries or assistance. We are here to support you in building a successful career and maintaining a strong connection with the University of the Visayas community.

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Alumni Association Inc.

UV Alumni Association Officers

    • Dr. Salustiano T. Jimenez
      Regional Director, DepEd Region VII
    • Engr. Wilfred Maneja
      Business Owner / General Manager, MANEJA Homes and Devleopment Inc.
      VP - Executive
    • Dr. Brazil Sanchez
      Supervising Administrative Officer, Finance Division DepEd Region VII
      VP - External
    • Dr. Benjamin D. Tiongson
      Chief, Education Program Supervisor DepEd Region VII
      VP - Internal
    • Mrs. Mercenisa C. Piala
      Campus Admnistrator, UV Toledo Campus
      Secretary General
    • Dr. Francisca T. Uy
      Founder / President, PAU Excellence Global Academy Foundation
      Assistant Secretary
    • Dr. Ma. Crispy B. Velsco, RGC, LPT
      Director, Communications and Public Affairs Department
      Deputy Secretary
    • Atty. Darling Chyrmyth Wagas - Estorgio
      Associate Dean, UV - Gullas Law School
    • Engr. Martin Villar
      Structural and Engineering Manager, Concrete Restoration & Repair Tech
    • Dr. Cresencio L. Mejarito
      Director, Athletics and Culture, University of the Visayas
    • Engr. Glenn Tirado
      Nurse, Calmoseptine Phils., Inc.
    • Atty. Edwin M. Estorgio
      UV - CBA Alumni Association President