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Unleash your potential at the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture (CETA). Since 1966, CETA has been a hub of innovation, offering leading programs in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics, Computer, and Industrial Engineering, alongside Architecture. Renowned for top-tier graduates, CETA propels careers across global industries. Elevate your future with CETA's excellence in engineering education.


With ALTAIR, access cutting-edge tech, industry practices, and hands-on projects, bridging theory to practice for prepared graduates.


At UV, engineering/architecture students create impactful structures, shaping the future and leaving a lasting legacy.

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College of Engineering, Technology & Architecture

The College of Engineering and Architecture started way back in 1966 and was granted government recognition in 1967 offering initially first year in engineering courses. Five-year undergraduate degree programs in Architecture and in the following engineering disciplines: Civil, Electrical and Mechanical were then opened.

Thereafter the said programs were given each their respective government recognitions to mention, for BS in Civil and BS in Mechanical Engineering in 1972 and BS in Electrical Engineering and BS in Architecture in 1977 respectively.

Later in 1992 it offered another five-year undergraduate program in BS in electronics and communications engineering (now BS in Electronics Engineering). In 2004, the institution was granted further to offer a program in Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and in 2007 was granted recognition to operate BS in industrial engineering. The College of Computer Studies was merged to the College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA) on Sept. 1, 2021, thus, changing its name to College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture (CETA). Except for BS in Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and the Computer Studies programs, all the undergraduate degree disciplines require a government licensure examination by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC).

Since the opening of the College with its various disciplines it has awarded several degrees in Engineering and Architecture to thousands of graduates. The College has also produced several topnotchers in the various Engineering and Architecture board examinations. Its graduates are now working in diverse industrial and engineering firms both local and abroad, in government service and in the academe.

University of the Visayas
in Partnership with ALTAIR

The partnership between the University of the Visayas (UV) and Altair marks a groundbreaking alliance in engineering, technology, and architecture within the Philippines. This collaboration, unique in the nation, promises to elevate UV's College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture (CETA) to new heights. Altair, a renowned global technology firm specializing in engineering simulation and product development, offers invaluable resources that will enrich UV's academic environment.
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CETA Facilities & Laboratories

Discover advanced facilities and cutting-edge laboratories at CETA, fostering innovation and hands-on learning in engineering excellence

  COEd Laboratory
  Drafting Lab. 1
  Drafting Lab. 2
  Visual Tech Laboratory

  UTM – Universal Testing Machine
  Sand Cone Apparatus
  Cylindrical Mold
  Stack of Sieves

  Single Phase Transformer Trainer
  Induction Machine Training System
  Power Factor Correction in Single Phase RLC Circuit Trainer
  Power/Power Factor Measurement by 2-Wattmeter Method
  Variable Loads (Resistive, Loads)
  Variable Loads (Inductive, and capacitive Loads)
  3-Phase Isolation Transformer Unit
  3-Phase Transformer Trainer
  3-Phase Isolation Variac In-Out
  Semiconductor Characteristics Trainer
  Analog Lab Trainer
  Transistor Amplifier Trainer (CB Mode)
  Digital Lab Trainer
  Operational Amplifier Trainer
  Arduino Training Kit

Board Topnotchers

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Place Year Name Profession
8th place 2014 ENGR. JILL JOAN LARGO Mechanical Engineer
7th place 2011 ENGR. CRISANTO JUMOLA Mechanical Engineer
3rd place 2006 ENGR. RODEL IGOT Mechanical Engineer
7th place 2003 ENGR. GIOVANNI QUISEO Mechanical Engineer
18th place 1995 ENGR. AL N. ECO Civil Engineer
12th place 1995 ENGR. CLARENCE VALENDEZ Electronics Engineer
2nd place 1995 ENGR. LEONARDO LEGITIMAS Electrical Engineer
17th place 1994 ENGR. JOEL MADAWE Mechanical Engineer
2nd place 1994 ENGR. EXPEDITUS RESMA Associate Electrical Engineer
1st place 1994 ENGR. JESUS MUNDA Junior Geodetic Engineer
20th place 1993 ENGR. NICOLAS FLORES Civil Engineer
8th place 1993 ENGR. MARVIN LAGUE Civil Engineer
8th place 1993 ENGR. EXPEDITUS RESMA Master Electrician
5th place 1993 ENGR. DAN PARCON Master Electrician
1st place 1993 ENGR. ABNER BARDOQUILLO Professional Electrical Engineer
19th place 1991 ARCH’T. NELSON ZERDA Architect
14th place 1991 ENGR. JONATHAN TORION Electrical Engineer
14th place 1991 ENGR. RONALDO YAP Mechanical Engineer
1stth place 1991 ENGR. CHURCHILL LAGRIMAS Civil Engineer
4th place 1990 ENGR. DENNIS ORGE Electrical Engineer
7th place 1989 ENGR. ROGELIO JUANITE JR. Civil Engineer
6th place 1989 ENGR. ALBERTO MAÑUZ Civil Engineer
4th place 1989 ENGR. SAMSON L. LIBATOG Civil Engineer
1st place 1989 ENGR. EMMANUEL ALBAÑO Mechanical Engineer
20th place 1988 ENGR. TANTAWI MUTI Electrical Engineer
4th place 1988 ENGR. ROGER PONGASE Electrical Engineer
14th place 1987 ENGR. NESTOR LEGASPINA Mechanical Engineer
17th place 1986 ENGR. JUPITO BENTOY Mechanical Engineer
7th place 1983 ENGR. EDUARDO GOMEZ Professional Electrical Engineer
3rd place 1983 ARCH’T. AHMED LEBUMFACIL Architect
2nd place 1983 ENGR. MARTIN VILLAR Geodetic Engineer
9th place 1982 ENGR. EDWIN MACABINLAR Civil Engineer
9th place 1982 ENGR. MARGARITA CABADSAN Geodetic Engineer
7th place 1982 ENGR. EDGARDO ONG Civil Engineer
5th place 1982 ARCH’T. CLEMENTE GUANZON Architect
1st place 1982 ENGR. JOEL ORTIZ Civil Engineer
10th place 1981 ENGR. CARLINGTON CATADMAN Geodetic Engineer
8th place 1981 ENGR. PACIFICO ABELLANA JR. Civil Engineer
2nd place 1981 ENGR. PACIFICO ABELLANA JR. Geodetic Engineer
10th place 1980 ENGR. VICENTE MARANGA Professional Electrical Engineer
7th place 1979 ARCH’T. EDUARDO SOCO Architect
2nd place 1979 ENGR. RESTITUTO CESAR Civil Engineering
10th place 1978 ENGR. VICENTE MARANGA Electrical Engineer
9th place 1978 ENGR. ARTEMIO SANCHEZ Mechanical Engineer
2nd place 1978 ENGR. ERNESTO BOLLOZOS Mechanical Engineer
2nd place 1977 ENGR. AL GELI Junior Geodetic Engineer
9th place 1976 ENGR. FRANCISCO ANIB Mechanical Engineer
8th place 1976 ENGR. FRANCISCO ALVAREZ Mechanical Engineer
8th place 1976 ENGR. JOSE JUNTILLA Geodetic Engineer
3rd place 1976 ENGR. AVELINO PACIFICO Geodetic Engineer
1st place 1976 ENGR. RAMON VILLARIAS Civil Engineer
1st place 1975 ENGR. HERMINIO NAVARRO Certified Plant Mechanic
1st place 1975 ENGR. HERMINIO NAVARRO Mechanical Engineer
9th place 1974 ENGR. ISIDRO TAN Associate Electrical Engineer
4th place 1974 ENGR. RICARDO BONO Junior Geodetic Engineer
1st place 1974 ENGR. ROMULO CAPURAS Electrical Engineer
7th place 1972 ENGR. EDGAR SIBONGA Civil Engineer
5th place 1971 ENGR. BENJAMIN BONO Civil Engineer
1st place 1971 ENGR. MARIANO SANCHEZ Mechanical Engineer

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