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Step into a legacy of academic excellence at the University of the Visayas College of Arts and Sciences! With roots dating back to 1921 as the College of Liberal Arts, our pioneering spirit continues to thrive at the heart of the University of the Visayas-Main Campus.

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College of Arts & Sciences

The University of the Visayas College of Arts and Sciences, founded in 1921 as the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) within the Visayan Institute, stands as a trailblazing academic unit within the University of the Visayas-Main Campus. Initially dedicated to offering pre-law subjects, the College underwent significant transformations over the years. In 1948, it gained government recognition to offer BA English Language and BA Political Science. A pivotal moment occurred in 1981 when the University merged CLA with the Teacher's College, forming the College of Arts, Sciences, and Education. Despite this amalgamation, in 1983, CLA reasserted its independence, reclaiming the title of the College of Arts and Sciences. This era also marked the government recognition of BS Biology, marking a new chapter in the College's academic journey.

Throughout its history, the College of Arts and Sciences has earned recognition for a spectrum of degree courses and diploma programs, including those in health sciences, journalism, tourism, mass communication, psychology, journalism, and legal studies. The evolution of the College led to strategic decisions such as relocating the tutelage of allied-health sciences courses to separate colleges and transferring the BS Tourism program to the College of Business Administration. Subsequently, certain diploma courses and the BA Journalism program were shelved, reflecting the College's adaptability to the changing academic landscape. Presently, the College continues to offer a diverse range of undergraduate programs, including Biology, Communication, Political Science, and Psychology, contributing significantly to the academic vibrancy of the Main Campus.

The College of Arts and Sciences at the University of the Visayas plays a crucial role beyond individual disciplines; it serves as a nexus for general education subjects offered across the University's campuses. Organized into various departments such as Communication, Languages and Literature (established in 1948); Social Sciences (1948); Science and Mathematics (1983); and Behavioral Sciences (2008), the College embodies a commitment to a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to education. Through decades of evolution and adaptation, the College remains a dynamic force in fostering academic excellence, ensuring that its students are well-equipped to navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing global landscape.

Awards & Recognition

  • First Liberal Arts Program in Region 7 to reach Level IV Accreditation by PACUCOA
  • Level IV Accredited (highest level accreditation in the Philippines) – B.A. Political Science
  • Level III Accredited – B.S. Psychology
  • Level III – B.S. Biology
  • Candidate Status – B.A. Communication

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