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Welcome to UV CCJE, where our mission since 2019 is to foster a research-driven environment for the comprehensive development of future professionals in law enforcement, criminal justice, and public safety.

We prioritize cultivating a culture of quality and excellence through sustainable research practices for the common good. Join us in the pursuit of academic and personal advancement in criminal justice education.

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College of Criminal Justice Education

The University of the Visayas College of Criminology is a pioneering institution in modern scientific crime detection in the Visayas and Mindanao. Established in 1964, its curriculum mirrors that of leading Police and Criminology schools globally. During its formative years, Atty. Regalado Estrella Maambong, a dynamic lawyer, managed the college and secured formal recognition from the Department of Education on July 27, 1971, under GR No. 81 Series of 1971.

Following Atty. Maambong's tenure, Emmanuel Y. Pepito, a registered criminologist and later Municipal Mayor of Consolacion, Cebu, assumed leadership. Atty. Eugene Orbita, a lawyer and a registered criminologist, succeeded Pepito. When Orbita resigned, retired Chief Superintendent Hiran Cuyos Binatiro, MNSA, a distinguished graduate, became the college dean, having served in the Philippine Constabulary and later the Philippine National Police.

After Binatiro's resignation, Mrs. Sotera Cagang, MSCrim., became the college dean in the 2007-2008 school year. The college was renamed the College of Criminal Justice during her tenure. In the same year, a state-of-the-art crime laboratory was established, making it one of the country's best-equipped facilities.

On May 1, 2009, Dr. Donald Barroga Narra assumed the role of dean, renaming it the College of Criminal Justice Education based on CMO 21, series of 2005. Dr. Narra worked diligently to prepare for the Institutional Quality Assurance through Monitoring and Evaluation (IQuAME) by the Commission on Higher Education. The University of the Visayas was granted Deregulated Status on May 27, 2010, and Autonomous Status on July 15, 2010. Various programs were implemented, fostering the development of the college, faculty, students, the community, and stakeholders.

The college actively holds institutional memberships in professional organizations such as the Professional Criminologists Association of the Philippines (PCAP) and the Philippine Educators Association for Criminology Education (PEACE) to stay updated on trends in criminology and criminal justice education.

Since its inception, the college has produced accomplished graduates who have excelled in various fields, including the Philippine National Police, Bureau of Fire Protection, Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, National Bureau of Investigation, Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine Coast Guard, Local Government Units, Prosecution and Judiciary, Security, Safety, and Detective Agencies, Criminology and Criminal Justice Schools, Correctional Facilities, and Forensic Laboratories.

Awards & Recognition

  • Level II PACUCOA Re-Accredited
  • Top 2 Performing School in Region 7 with a passing percentage of (62.5% for First Takers) - AUGUST 2023 Criminologists Licensure Examination

Student Organization

  • Junior Professional Criminologists Association of the Philippines (JPCAP), Founded 2010 - present

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UV CCJE offers robust programs in law enforcement, criminal justice, and public safety for comprehensive education.

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Board Topnotchers

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Place Year Name Exam
4th place 2023 ROMMEL R. ABOG, RCrim. REGIONAL TOPNOTCHER - Licensure Examination for Criminologists 2023
11th place 2019 ARDEN CLYDE PRECILLAS DIOCAMPO, RCrim. REGIONAL TOPNOTCHER- Licensure Examination for Criminologists 2022 PNP-PSBRC Region VII-2023
4th place 1998 ATTY. EUGENE C. ORBITA, RCrim. 4th Placer, Licensure Examination for Criminologists - 1998 Pagtambayayong, Kalunasan, Cebu City - Practicing Lawyer & Document Examiner Legal Officer Cebu City Govt.

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CCJE Administration

The CCJE administration ensures efficient management, support, and leadership for academic excellence and student success.

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