Bachelor of Science in Criminology

Bachelor of Science in Criminology

  • PACUCOA Level II Re-Accredited

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Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Criminology program is a formal degree program that refers to the scientific study of crimes, criminals, victims, and criminal. It also deals with the prevention, and solution of crimes. It is therefore the mission of the Criminology Program to provide the community with professionally competent and morally upright graduates who can deliver efficient and effective services in crime prevention, crime detection and investigation, law enforcement public safety custody and rehabilitation of offenders, and criminological research among others.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

The BS Criminology program aims to produce professional who:

  • Performed work responsibly guided by the university mission values and core values; (PQF LEVEL 6)
  • Entailed themselves on project / task in the field of Criminology for the advancement of the profession though research and development projects significant to the society; (PQF LEVEL6)
  • Established ability to unravel multi-faceted problems with high ethical standards promoting societal responsibility, singly or in teams; (PQF LEVEL 6)
  • Engaged in career advancement that defines their future clear opportunities and career path for principled professional. (PQF LEVEL 6)

Program Outcomes
  • PO1. Conduct criminological research on crimes, crime causation, victims, and offenders to include deviant behaviour. (PQF LEVEL 6)
  • PO2. Internalize the concepts of human and victim welfare. (PQF LEVEL 6)
  • PO3. Demonstrate competence and broad understanding of law enforcement administration, public safety, and criminal justice. (PQF LEVEL 6)
  • PO4. Utilize criminalistics or forensic science in the investigation and detention of crime. (PQF LEVEL 6)
  • PO5. Apply the principles and jurisprudence of criminal law, evidence, and criminal procedure. (PQF LEVEL 6)
  • PO6. Ensure offenders’ welfare and development for their re-integration into the community. (PQF LEVEL 6)

Learning Outcomes

Few years after graduation, the graduate should:

  • LEADERSKIP SKILL. Work collaboratively and proactively in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams and take leadership roles with a deep sense of integrity, duty and responsibility.
  • ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILL. Exhibit entrepreneurial competence by creating business ideas and manage the functional areas (operation, marketing, finance, human resource) and other business strategies for economic and social development.
  • ANALYTICAL AND CREATIVE THINKING SKILL. Exercise critical and creative thinking in providing strategic solutions and informed decisions to creatively tackle discipline-related problems.
  • DIGITAL PROFICIENCY SKILL. Demonstrate literacy, fluency, and mastery of the digital landscape and of various innovative applications of technology for effective professional practice.
  • DATA ANALYTICS SKILL. Apply data-based reasoning in professional practice by accurately and proficiently translating data into abstract concepts using computing technology tools to optimize industry operations.
  • COMMUNICATION SKILL. Communicate clearly and effectively using written, oral, and non-verbal communication through mastery of the five-macro skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking viewing).
  • PROACTIVE ATTITUDE SKILL. Adapt positive, reflective, and respectful professional behavior by recognizing different value systems, undertaking controllable actions, and formulating innovative solutions to future challenges.

Career Opportunities

All registered criminologists shall be exempt from taking any other entrance or qualifying government or civil service examinations and shall be considered civil service eligible to the following government positions, among others;

  • Dactylographer
  • Ballistician
  • Questioned Document Examiner
  • Forensic Photographer
  • Polygraph Examiner
  • Probation Officer
  • Parole Officer
  • Special Investigator
  • Special Agent
  • Investigative Agent
  • Intelligence Agent
  • Law Enforcement Evaluation Officer
  • National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) Inspector
  • Traffic Operation Officer
  • Associate Graft Investigation Officer
  • Special Police Officer
  • Safekeeping Officer
  • Sheriff
  • Security Officer
  • Criminal Investigator
  • Warden
  • Reformation Officer
  • Firefighter
  • Jail Officer
  • Police Officer


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