Center for Research and Innovation

Center for Research & Innovation

UV's Center for Research and Innovation is dedicated to maintaining ethical excellence, fostering innovative practices, and advancing knowledge for a brighter future.

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Research Services & Facilities

Ethical Review of Research Protocols

To establish good governance and quality assurance in research, the Institutional Review Board (IRB) was established on April 29, 2015 to fulfil the university's intention to institutionalize a compendium of ethical guidelines and to establish a standard measure for research excellence.

Data Analysis and Quality Assurance Services

Established on January 12, 2013, this was intuited to assist faculty. students, and staff of the university in the statistical and qualitative analysis of their data, including technical assistance like plagiarism check. grammar check, displaying results, mechanics of style, and formatting.

Knowledge Generation and Technology Transfer

Innovation and Technology Support Office was established on December 12, 2014, and it's operations are intended to assist the faculty and students in the advancement and operation of the university ITSO franchise.

Training and Data Management

The importance of enunciating research capability-building and knowledge management in a continuous cycle of study, learning, and action, so that the research result feed into knowledge management and design of the training and capability-building programs.