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UV Student Life
Inspiring Futures, Building Friendships.

7,000 + students

At the heart of the University of the Visayas (UV), students find themselves immersed in a dynamic and enriching environment that extends far beyond the traditional classroom setting. UV's commitment to holistic development is evident in its diverse array of student life offerings, providing a platform for students to explore, express, and excel in various facets of their lives.

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Arts & Cultural Group

Talent shines on stage, captivating audiences.

Student Government

SSC: Advocating for students, fostering leadership.

Student Organizations

Diverse passions uniting, shaping campus culture.

Campus Events

Uniting students through memorable experiences.

Visayanian Publication

TVP: Amplifying voices, shaping perspectives.

UV Green Lancers

Inspiring victories, uniting campus spirit.

Arts & Cultural
Performing Arts Group

UV takes pride in nurturing artistic talents, with the UV Choir, Filipiniana Dance Group, and Drum and Bugle Corps standing as cultural ambassadors. These groups not only showcase the rich artistic heritage of the Philippines but also offer students an avenue to express their creativity and passion for the arts.


University of the Visayas

Filipiniana Dance Group

University of the Visayas

Drum Lyre and Bugle Corps

University of the Visayas

Student Government
Supreme Student Council
A.Y. 2023-2024

Supreme Student Council is the highest governing body of all students organizations in the University of the Visayas that is committed to help the UV students to fulfill its vision, mission, goals, and objectives towards transformation and excellence.

  •   Jhon Michael Olmillo
  •   Zoe Mariette Castro
    Executive President
  •   Dither John Seville
    Internal Vice-President
  •   Cathleen Marie Solon
    External Vice-President
  •   Karyl Pacinio
  •   Frenzyl Abella
    Deputy Secretary
  •   Nicole Tanggapan
  •   Sheint Hafeel
    Deputy Treasurer
  •   Mariel Ann Galabasa
  •   Klyne Villafuente
    Head Information Officer
  •   Mary Portia Uy
    Internal Inofrmation Officer

Student Organizations

Explore a vibrant tapestry of student life at the University of the Visayas through a diverse array of student organizations. From academic excellence to cultural enrichment, these dynamic groups offer students opportunities for personal growth, leadership development, and collaborative engagement, shaping a well-rounded and vibrant campus community.

List of Student Organizations

TVP logo

The Visayanian Publication

"We exist to inform"

The Visayanian, the University of the Visayas' official student publication since 1932.

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The Visayanian Publication


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