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University of The Visayas
Journal of Education (UVJE)

The University of the Visayas Journal of Education (UVJE) is a scholarly platform dedicated to advancing research in Education, Social, and Health domains. UVJE fosters a rigorous peer-review process, ensuring the dissemination of high-quality research that contributes to the enhancement of academic practices and community well-being.

  • Journal of Education Volume 1 | ISSN – 2345 – 802X
  • Journal of Education Volume 2 | ISSN – 2345 – 802X

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Aims & Scope

The University of the Visayas Journal of Education is focused on the areas of Education, Social and Health which are depicted in the following researchable issues:


  • Holistic Approaches to Health and Wellness
  • Ensuring Ecological Integrity, Clear and Healthy Environment
  • Life on Land and Below Water
  • Societal Impact
  • Quality Education
  • Health Resiliency
  • Social Resiliency
  • Policy Impact
  • Knowledge Development, Technology
  • Generation, Transfer and Commercialization
  • Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology
  • Educational Management

Publication Policy

UVJE advocates for new knowledge and processes. Papers undergo pre-check, plagiarism check, grammar and APA formatting, and peer review.

Peer Review

Each paper has at least three reviewers who assess it based on qualifications and recent publications in the field.

Editor Decision

The managing editor decides whether to accept, reject, or ask for revisions based on reviewer recommendations.

Publication Online

Accepted papers undergo final proofreading before being scheduled for publication.

Editorial Board

The board reviews submissions, advises on policy, suggests topics for special issues, and promotes the journal.

Selecting Editorial Board Members

Members are chosen based on expertise, representation of the journal's scope, and recommendations from existing members.

Editorial Board Members

  • Dr. Victorina Zosa, Editor-in-Chief
  • Ms. Juliena Diaz, Managing Editor
  • Dr. Marivic Manubag, Print Editor
  • Mr. Felix M. Diano Jr., Editorial Manager
  • Dr. Liza Lorena Jala, Technical Adviser
  • Dr. Zosima Pañares, Editorial Consultant