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TUV NORD 1st Surveillance Audit of the University of the Visayas gets under way

  •   April 30, 2024
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  •   University of the Visayas
TUV NORD 1st Surveillance Audit of the University of the Visayas gets under way

Driven by its ardent desire to maintain high-quality standards of educational system, the TUV Nord 1st Surveillance Audit of the University of the Visayas goes full blast on Monday, April 29, at the UV-Main Campus on Colon Street, Cebu City.

TUV Nord is an international certification body accredited for certification of persons or institutions according to International Standardization for Organization (ISO) standards.

The two-day undertaking kicked off with a short program graced by UV President Dr. Condrado E. Iñigo Jr., Vice President for Finance and Quality Management System Dr. Rosemarie Cruz-Español, Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Anna Lou Cabuenas, Vice President for Administration Mr. Elmer Ocaba, and QMS Director Dr. Albim Y. Cabatingan.

Also present were the different deans, directors, and program coordinators of the Visayanian community.

By submitting the school to a voluntary ISO certification, Español said the first university in the Visayas manifests its strong desire for a quality and sustainable education.

"It passionately believes that consistent compliance with ISO standards facilitates achieving of the highest quality of services through our efficient and effective Quality Management System," Español said.

UV obtained its ISO 9001:2015 Certification across all campuses from TUV Nord on July 24, 2023.

"Today, we are set for this surveillance visit to evaluate our organization's management system against the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and to verify the effectiveness of our processes in meeting both the regulatory and customer requirements," Español shared.

"This visit is a window opportunity for external auditors to objectively review our adherence to ISO standards, identify areas for improvement, and provide feedback that will enable us to further enhance our quality management system. All of these aimed to ensure a positive impact on customer satisfaction," Español continued.

Dr. Ma. Crispy Velasco, the director of UV Communications and Public Affairs Department, added:

"Through this audit, we aim to demonstrate our commitment to maintaining high-quality standards, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction. The audit will help identify areas for improvement and ensure that our processes align with the ISO requirements, ultimately enhancing our overall performance and credibility in the industry."

Espanol said they earnestly welcome this surveillance visit as an opporunity to demonstrate UV's unwavering commitment to quality excellence and compliance with the requirements of the standards and regulatory agencies.

The audit will continue on Tuesday, April 30. Afterwhich, is the closing meeting wherein Sitchon will present their findings before the school heads. Inigo will then deliver his response on behalf of the university.

"It gives us a certain confidence level that the surveillance visit will not only validate our compliance with ISO standards but also provide valuable insights that will enable us to further refine our quality management system and seamlessly drive continuous improvement across all levels in our organization."

"The task that lies ahead is huge, but our commitment to excellence will pave the way," Español concluded. ( UV Communications and Public Affairs Department)