Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation

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Program Description

Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation is a Maritime Education and Training Program that covers the mandatory education and training for Officers in Charge of a Navigational Watch required under Regulation 11/1, Paragraph 2.5 of the STCW Convention, 1978, as amended.

Graduates of BSMT program are qualified to take the Maritime Administration prescribed assessment of competence for certification as Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch on seagoing ships of 500 gross tonnage or more.

In addition, some of the knowledge and understanding under Table A-II/2 are included in the program as can be found under Annex Al of JCMMC 01 series of 2023 as amended.

Program Educational Objectives

As a degree program, the general program educational objectives of BSMT is to produce graduates who are competent to pursue a career or advanced studies in a related maritime field of specialization. Specifically shall aim to produce competent Officers in Charge of a Navigational Watch on seagoing ships of 500 gross tonnage or more.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of BSMT programs should be able to:

  • PO1. Engage in lifelong learning and understanding to keep abreast of the developments in maritime practice;
  • PO2. Work independently and in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams;
  • PO3. Act in recognition and practice of professional, social, and ethical accountability and responsibility;
  • PO4. Preserve and promote "Filipino historical and cultural heritage".
  • PO5. Apply knowledge in mathematics, science and technology in solving problems related to the profession and the workplace.
  • PO6. Evaluate the impact and implications of various contemporary issues in the global and social context of the profession.
  • PO7. use appropriate techniques, skills, and modern tools in the practice of the profession in order to remain globally competitive.
  • PO8. Contribute to the existing body of knowledge through research or other forms of creative discourse and innovative works.
  • PO9. A graduate of BSMT program shall be able to demonstrate the competence to perform the functions pertaining to navigation, cargo handling and stowage, controlling the operation of the ship and care for persons on board under Table A-II/1 and acquire some knowledge and understanding under Table A-II/2 of the STCW Code that are covered by this program under Annex A1 of JCMMC 01 series of 2023 as amended.
  • P10. A service orientation in one's profession.
  • P11. An ability to engage in various types of employment, development activities, and public discourses, particularly in response to the needs of the community one serves.
  • P12. Support "national, regional and local development plans" of the country through participation in the generation of new knowledge or in research and development projects, especially those from state universities and colleges.

Career Opportunities

A graduate of BSMT program may find careers in:

  • Merchant Marine profession Maritime Industry
  • Ship building and repair
  • Ship operations and management
  • Port operations and management
  • Ship surveying and inspection
  • Offshore industry
  • Maritime Education and Training
  • Philippine Navy
  • Philippine Coast Guard
  • Maritime Industry Authority


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